Are you looking for a way to make a difference in future Grand Canyon University (GCU) students' lives? Consider donating to one of the many organizations across campus that raises funds for scholarships, mission trips and other university-driven initiatives. You can also donate to one of the many clubs across campus. Your donation helps students get the most out of their GCU experience.

GCU Clubs

Our goal is to foster development of student organizations that enhance student education, leadership skills and academic achievements. When you give to GCU Clubs, you help foster the professional development of student leaders across campus. Your donation helps to aid in student-led endeavors and experiences here at GCU.

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Grand Canyon University Clubs is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Tax ID 27-3825327.

GCU Scholarship Foundation

The GCU Scholarship Foundation provides scholarships for traditional full-time students attending GCU's main campus. The foundation raises, invests and distributes funds to allow GCU students to fulfill educational opportunities and find their purpose. The foundation is founded on three main principles: respect, teamwork and integrity. 

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Spiritual Life Foundation

The GCU Spiritual Life Foundation focuses on the activities emphasized in the Bible that are consistent with following Christ. The forms of ministry vary from year to year, depending on the need and opportunity. Your donation helps the Spiritual Life Foundation impact the world for Jesus Christ through the outreach activities.

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Grand Canyon University Spiritual Life Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Tax ID 27-4818389.

Purchase an Alumni Brick

alumni bricksThe GCU alumni family has "paved the way" for our current students and the incredible growth at the university. To commemorate and honor our alumni, we are replacing the existing bricks on the alumni mall with specially crafted engraved bricks.

Help support GCU's Student Emergency Fund by purchasing your engraved brick for $50. You can choose to customize the brick by commemorating yourself or a loved one with up to three lines of personalized text. For an additional $6, add a clipart image.

Once your brick has been engraved and installed, the Office of Alumni Relations will email you a photo of your brick, your brick number and a map showing your brick location.

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