GCU Experience Campus

Grand Canyon University’s campus, located in Phoenix, Arizona, is one of the top ranked college campuses in the nation! See for yourself and check it out below.

GCU Campus Tours

Looking to schedule a GCU campus visit? GCU graduates have access to a variety of unique virtual and on-campus events, tours and experiences.

GCU Athletics

Athletic competition has always been a major part of our university. Discover how Grand Canyon University has pursued excellence in athletics over the years.

Academics at Grand Canyon University

GCU has remained committed to high academic standards throughout its history. Learn more about how GCU has advanced the world of private education.

GCU Campus Life

Life on campus at GCU is unique and special. Explore the history and traditions of campus life with the GCU student body.

Grand Canyon University Performing Arts

Performing arts at GCU have played a critical role in the culture of our campus. See how GCU has prioritized dance, theatre and music over the years.

Residence Life at GCU

Living on campus has always provided a special experience to GCU students. Experience the evolution of residence life at GCU.